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Shropshire Hay Wain - Pontesford Hill


To cut a long story short we need to raise funds to buy Pontesford Hill, see details here.


I have already made a donation but I want to do more to help which is why I have decided to donate

75% of the proceeds for every sale of my 'Shropshire Hay Wain' print to the Pontesford Hill appeal

and for variety from any sales of my images around Pontesford Hill such as' Habberley Brook', 'Habberly Bridleway', and 'Dancing tree over Habberly Brook' (see images below).


All you have to do is fill out the form on the Prints page here stating which image you would like and I will print your image onto A3+ (19" x 17" inches) archival cotton smooth fine art paper which will hold its image for well over 50 years (kept away from direct sunlight).


Each print will be signed, numbered and dated plus 75% of the proceeds from your purchase will be donated to help raise funds for Pontesford Hill - more info here www.pontesford-hill-appeal.co.uk


Thank you for your support                                                            Friends of Pontesford hill

75% of proceeds from these 4 prints donated to the Pontesford Hill Appeal






- Digital cameras

- Heads and Tripods


- Medium Format . . . Coming soon

- Large Format


- Lightroom & Photoshop

- Tablets


- Publications . . . Coming soon


- Media . . . Coming soon

~ Joe Cornish - Link gallery,

  Northallerton -  August 2014


~ Gallery3 , The Gateway,

  Shrewsbury, November 2014


~ Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre, 

  Shrewsbury -  April 2015


~ Shropshire Hills Arts Week - The  

  Sitting Rooms 30 May-7 June 2015


- Shropshire Photographic Society 

  14th March 2016

You can view and purchase my work from the following galleries:


~ VANetwork Gallery, Shrewsbury


~ Ironbridge Fine Arts & Framing

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