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Shropshire Hay Wain - Pontesbury Hill


I would just like to take this opportunity to thank the people who have helped me in 2014...


Thank you for visiting my website, Thank you for putting up with my bad grammer. Thank you to the people who put faith in my work and allowed me to exhibit in their galleries. Thank you for the artists and creatives who got together and made people aware of good local art. Thank you to the people who bought my artwork and to investing in local craftsmanship. Thank you to the Shropshire Hills Buy-Local scheme and thank you to all the good people of Shropshire.


And finally thank you to those close to me for your love and support and for believing in me

and pushing me forward and making me want to be a better person and a better photographer.

(You know who you are)

Thank you and god bless x x x


So, what does 2015 bring? ... Sony mirrorless cameras?  Tilt Shift lenses?  Medium Format?

Kodak T-Max? Could it even be large format? The possibilites are endless . . . I can't wait!

New Images






- Digital cameras

- Heads and Tripods


- Medium Format . . . Coming soon

- Large Format


- Lightroom & Photoshop

- Tablets


- Publications . . . Coming soon


- Media . . . Coming soon


~ Footprints and hearts gallery,

  Ludlow - May/June 2014


~ Joe Cornish - Link gallery,

  Northallerton -  August 2014


~ Gallery3 , The Gateway,

  Shrewsbury, November 2014


~ Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre, 

  Shrewsbury -  April 2015

You can view and purchase my work from the following galleries:


~ VANetwork Gallery, Shrewsbury


~ Ironbridge Fine Arts & Framing